The Book

The words of President Abraham Lincoln speak anew to all – and to the aspirations people throughout the world fighting for freedom, equality and democracy. Lincoln guided the nation and won reelection in a hard fought campaign carried in the midst of a raging Civil War.
Lincoln’s reelection in 1864 was the culmination of a path he forged as he matured as a politician and statesmen based firmly on ethical and moral conviction. Now more than ever Lincoln’s words ring true for his nation and in a world striving for freedom, a world touched by fire. Liberty and equality were he upheld in a world dominated by monarchy and theocracy, much of it opposed to the nation’s survival.
Lincoln was his own speechwriters and press secretary. Self-taught with only rudimentary education, Lincoln’s learned to use words and his logic sprang from his moral and ethical convictions. Those words as forcefully as even the greatest of authors. So too the book let’s his opponents and allies speak. But Lincoln’s words are the superstructure of this book. Hear anew how Lincoln forged a pathway to victory.